Application form – SNBF International Open Championship 2023

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If not, please note: Swiss national newcomers need to qualify for the SNBF championship via SNBF casting. Please apply for the casting here.
Please email the confirmation of your polygraph test to

Terms and conditions / Please read and confirm:

You can download and print the terms & conditions here.
Athletes who do not yet hold an active membership in SNBF or another WNBF affiliate can fill out the SNBF membership application form in German, French or Italian, or contact us at The membership fee is CHF 120 and valid until March 31 of the following year.
The participation fee is CHF 200 and includes one coach pass. Swiss residents will receive an invoice via post, to be paid at the latest 10 days before the competition. International athletes can pay the fee in cash at the day of event.
Cancellation after the registration deadline is only possible for important reasons, such as illness. In such a case, please send the medical certificate to
Athletes must be drug-free according to the SNBF anti-doping list. Please read the list carefully!
All athletes must check-in personally (with passport or ID) at the athlete check-in on Thursday, October 26, or Friday, October 27, 2023 on site in Unterägeri, Switzerland. Swiss athletes will be able to sign in for a time slot of their choice (link will be sent via email 2 weeks before the competition). International athletes will have a check-in slot reserved on Friday, October 27, 2023. A no-show results in a two-year ban.
At the check-in, all athletes will be will be measured or weighed according to their category. In addition, polygraphic examinations and/or urine tests (according to WADA standards) will take place. This test is valid for the SNBF International Open Championship as well as for all WNBF/INBF affiliates. Refusal of tests is considered a positive test result and leads to a 10-years ban. A positive test result will be followed by a ban according to the decision of the SNBF doping commission. WNBF polygraph tests taken and passed within the last six weeks (for amateur athletes) or three weeks (for pro athletes) prior to the Swiss show will be accepted. Please email the confirmation of your polygraph testing to
Immediately after the final, the top three athletes of each class will undergo a urine test according to WADA standards. In case of a positive test result, the rank will be revoked and a ban will follow according to the decision of the SNBF doping commission. The WNBF will be informed about the positive test result and the sanctions, which are valid internationally.